How does my alarm work?

When an alarm monitored zone is violated, the alarm will be triggered, keypad will turn into alarm mode, and then alarm system will reporting the alarm condition through telephone line / Mobile Apps (AXIIOT Module)

When my alarm is activated the siren, what should I do?
  1. Disarm the alarm using following step: [Master PIN] + [#]
  2. After disarm the system, check the violated zones that activated the alarm.
  3. You can also disarm the alarm through telephone line and Mobile Apps (AXIIOT Module)
Why my Keypad is not functioned or no response when I had key in the command?
  1. Please refer to the corresponding user manual for the alarm system model purchased, ensure the command code used is matched with the model purchased.
  2. Ensure the wire is in good condition and well connected.
  3. If the problem still cannot be solved, try contact your AX1 alarm installer or us.
Why “Service” or “Trouble” light is turned on?

It indicated that there is an abnormality of the alarm system, below are the possible root causes that resulting this:

  1. DC loss → Please check battery voltage or connection.
  2. External Communication Error → All receivers not answering. Receiver did not press [0] to end call properly. System call out fail due to due to certain reason such as telephone line problem.
  3. Tamper → Siren box has been opened or tamper switch faulty.
  4. Phone line Loss → Please check phone line connectivity.
  5. AC Loss → TNB’s main power supply (MCB) has been switch off or adaptor / SMPS faulty
How to change master’s password for DK-LCD / DK-ICON / DK-TSense / Qtron Starlite LED Keypad

For DK-LCD keypad:

  1. Press [MASTER PIN] + [*]
  2. Choose “USER PROGRAM”, PRESS [#]
  3. ENTER NEW PIN, Press [#]
  4. RE-ENTER NEW PIN, Press [#]
  5. Press [*] to exit.

For DK-ICON keypad:

  1. Press [MASTER PIN] + [COM] + [*]
  2. [▼ to enter PIN] + [#]
  3. Press key [1] to edit Master Pin + [#]
  4. Enter [4-6 digit New code] + [#]
  5. Enter [4-6 digit Reconfirm code] + [#]
  6. Press [#] to confirm
  7. Press [BACK] to exit

For DK-TSense Keypad

  1. Press[Master Pin] + [COM] + [#]
  2. Press [▼ for Pin] + [#]
  3. Press [▼ for Master] + [#]
  4. Press [New Pin] + [#]
  5. Press [Re-enter Pin] + [#]
  6. Press and hold * to exit

For DK-LED keypad:

  1. Press [MASTER PIN ] + [COM] + [#] +
  2. Press [1] + [#] + [1] + [#]
  3. Press [4-6 digit New code] + [#]
  4. Enter [Re-enter Code] + [#] +
  5. Press [COM] + [#] to exit

For Qtron Starlite keypad:

  1. Press [COM] + [MASTER PIN] + [#]
  2. Press [01] + [4 digit New code]
  3. [Re-enter Code] + [#]
  4. Press [COM] + [#] to exit
Why the alarms system does not able to call out and report to me when alarm is triggered?
  1. Please ensure that the telephone line is able to function properly.
  2. If the telephone line is able to function properly, please contact your installer / dealer to check the telephone number setting in the alarm system.
Why alarm system does not pick up the call when I tried to call into system?

Please contact installer/dealer for this issue, it is recommended to request the service PIC to reduce the ring number count to 5 or less for faster pick up.

Why there is no voice guide when I called into the alarm system?

It is required to install the Voice Module into Alarm system to enable this feature, otherwise there is only beeps sounds reporting.

Why is sensor keep on trigger the false alarm?
  1. False alarms are mostly caused by faulty sensor or bad cable connectivity. The fault alarm zone will be indicated on alarm keypad.
  2. Ensure the door and windows which had installed the sensors were fit firmly and snugly to their frame. Besides that, the corroded contacts, terminal, joins, junction box, tamper, sensors and etc. can cause the faulty alarm as well.
  3. Ensure the installer setting up the proper sensor’s sensitivity level to avoid the fault alarm happened.
How can I find service team in my area?

You may contact to your dealer of the purchased goods, or, you may contact us to arrange for the service as well.

Company address and contact number is as following:
Daikin Electronic Devices Malaysia Sdn Bhd
No.2, Jalan Ragum 15/17,
Seksyen 15, 40200, Shah Alam,
Selangor, Malaysia.
TEL: +603 5523 9355 EXT: 210 / TEL: +603 5523 1205 EXT: 207

I had lost my manual for my system, can I have a new copy for it?

Yes, you can download the manuals for your AX1 and Qtron Starlite System. You can download the manual in Manual & Brochure.

How does my Mobile Apps work?
  1. You will get push notification when alarm trigger, arm, disarm, bypass zone, remove bypass zone, and trigger panic.
  2. These activities will be recorded inside alarm record as event log.
  3. User will get push notification follow by your alarm system condition. For example, when your alarm system AC power supply has been switch off, straight away you will get push notification about the AC power supply and back up battery will take in charge to power up your security system.
Why I am not received any push notification (Mobile Apps) when alarm trigger?
  1. Please ensure your home WiFi is working and smart phone not in the airplane mode.
  2. a) For Android, go to smart phone setting 🡪 Apps 🡪AXIIOT PLUS 🡪 Notification 🡪Allow notification.

    b) For IOS, go to smart phone setting 🡪 Notification 🡪 AXIIOT PLUS 🡪 Allow notification

  3. Please perform arm or disarm and check whether you get any push notification or not.
  4. If the problem still remains same, uninstall the mobile apps and install again.
  5. Please contact your dealer / installer if the problem remains same.
Do I need to enable Bluetooth connection to use the AXIIOT Plus Apps?

First of all, don’t worry, your dealer / installer will do it for you. You need to enable your smart phone’s Bluetooth connection during first time setup only. After successfully start up, you will control the mobile apps through WiFi Internet connection (Wireless) protocol.

What should I do when accidently delete AXIIOT Module account?
  1. Please keep your extra AXIIOT Module QR Code sticker with you (Inside user manual packaging).
  2. Go to Dashboard’s page, press “+”, select “AX1”, scan QR Code and follow the next step as per in the setup wizard.
  3. If the problem remains same, please contact your dealer / installer.


  1. New AX1 Alarm WiFi Set will come together with the extra 2 QR Code sticker and put inside together with User Manual in the plastic bag. Please check with your dealer / installer if you do not get extra QR Code.
  2. If you purchase AXIIOT Module separately from AX1 Alarm Set, we provided the extra QR Code inside the AXIIOT Module’s box. Please check with your dealer / installer if you do not get extra QR Code.
I forgot my account’s password. What should I do?
  1. In the sign in / sign up page, you may press button “Forget password”.
  2. Instantly you will get the verification code through your registered email.
  3. Fill up your verification code to set your new password.
I want to know more about the AXIIOT PLUS Apps function, where can I get the user manual?
  1. In the Dashboard page, press “3 Dash Line” symbol in the left corner.
  2. Press tab “Tutorial”.
  3. You now have access to the Setup Manual, User Manual and Video.
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